Monthly Meal Plans

Providing you with goodness for the whole month, meaning your goals are taken care of by our team. Rolling monthly and no minimum commitment. We’ll show you just how good meal prep can be. Countless hours back in your week and a stress free kitchen, not to mention a weekly changing menu.

Lunchtime Special

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Beat the Lunch hour rush!

Your Lunch Delivered for the working week From £7 per meal. Enjoy a different meal, every day of the week.

Your Goal:
Shipping days:
Add Breakfast?:

Lunch & Dinner

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Escape temptation

Your Lunch and dinner for 5 or 7 days a week

Stay on track with your goals with the two main meals covered each day, saving you time and effort whilst fuelling you with a new menu every day.

From £14 per day

Your Goal:
Add a snack for the month? £4:
How many days:

The Full Monty

The Transform Plan
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The Full Package

Your Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Cooked Fresh and delivered 3 times a week, including a delicious snack to hit your calorie goals.

From £24 a day

Gain the confidence and certainty of staying on track while enjoying delicious food, we have a weekly changing menu which means a different meal to enjoy every day of the month.

Which plan for me?

Burn Plan 1400-1600 Calories

Balance Plan from 1900-2100 Calories

Build Plan 2600-2800 Calories

Please note there is a charge for delivery, which is included in the total amount

Your Goal:
How many days per week?:
Add an Extra Snack?:

 Short term Options

Can’t commit to a full month? Check out our day or week packages. We offer new flavours every day and supply meals based on your goal.