Become the best you

Your typical British Summer is in full swing, (just about) but that in no way means you should be completely falling off the wagon now that you’ve hit either hit your finish mark, or you’re enjoying the holidays, you worked so hard so why should all your progress be lost .

I’m a firm believer in balance in your lifestyle and definitely while abroad too, the days are too different while enjoying the sun and all the other indulgences. Starting with Daily exercise, it’s key. 30 Minutes on the beach, or a circuit in your hotel gym, chances are you’ll feel pretty good about it. Next up, follow the 80/20 split with your diet. Across the Mediterranean, it’s the place to get your hands on all the fresh fish that’s available, of course alcohol is more natural, but your holiday is probably all about replenishment, vegetables off the mother land are different. Some would call them actual vegetables, if grows, they sell it, none of this selecting the good looking fruits and vegetables nonsense we have in english supermarkets. Vegetables are going to yield more nutrients and your body can take advantage of this while away.

Your response may be, when i’m back i’m on it… Ok, but why work even harder when the headspace you can get yourself into whilst away should definitely be utilised. Cheers to the man or woman who comes back healthier than when they left.

If you’re not tripping abroad or you’ve been there done that, reality has probably kicked in. It is the perfect time to get your focus together and make some lifestyle changes. When you decide to do great things, great things happen. When becoming the best version of yourself becomes your mission, well that’s whats going to happen. Definitely not if you’re lazy.

If you’ve not experienced feeling like that, the higher version of yourself, then stepping outside your comfort zone isn’t something you probably should do. It’s something you NEED to do. The decisions you make, the people around you, the way people treat you and vice versa and lastly your experiences, they will all be better when you are actively trying to make something of yourself and on the path of greatness.

Don’t start Monday, don’t start when you get back. Start right now.

Alexander Pipe