How to get the best out of your diet.

What, when, where and why? These are the burning questions asked almost every day, especially when you've finished a hard ass MetCon and your stomach is on fire with starvation.


So what are the options? What do you need to know about macro nutrients?( A term you're probably getting familiar with by now). 

High protein for every meal will keep you feeling full, also means your muscle fibres are able to repair themselves through the consumption of essential amino acids. Here you've got your fish, like salmon and mackerel, chicken, turkey and even black bean spaghetti. Get at least 100g of protein a day (25-40g a pop) between 1.5-2g per every KG of your body. Nobody really needs more than this.

A high protein breakfast alongside good fats like toasted pumpkin seeds is what could be considered the breakfast of champions, enough to start the jets and get your body into metabolising mode.


Carbohydrates- often a love hate relationship, as they can bring happiness and unfortunately sadness too at times. But they are absolutely essential even if you only consume when fuelling and refuelling your expenditure and workouts.  Having them 1.5-2 hours before you engage in vigorous exercise then refuel after, with after being the most important. This restores the glycogen to muscles which is pretty crucial to the longevity of muscle endurance and aiding growth/repair. There are some pretty great carbs our there, Try our sweet potatoes, toasted buckwheat, puy lentills or homespiced rice. #Riceisgood.

FATFAT + FAT: Firstly the good ones. Nuts, seeds, omega oils (fish) and those avocado beauties. They help your body function to it's true purpose. Like the oil to an engine, they make it work effectively, help the brain, hormones and energy output. Important hey?

Be mindful though, they are higher in calories and taste better than most other food sources, the biggest third world problem is the peanut butter addiction, it's way to easy to go over macros when you find yourself late at night with a spoon in your hand raiding all the cupboards.


Your bad fats like deep fried oils and vegetable oils can be dangerous because they are harder to determine how many calories are being consumed. Not to mention can increase in blood pressure and other bad things to follow.


Fats are most praised in the morning and before your workout, because they are higher in calories and provide lots of energy, you'll be better to utilise the energy and focus on fibre from vegetables, proteins and carbs to end the day.




All this said we must focus too on the micro nutrients, most of which come from vegetables which are a great source of carbohydrate. An abundance of greens and other colours on your plate will create harmony within your body and lead to longevity of energy and life.



First step is to get these numbers right, we will follow with a post on numbers next but if you'd like to take away the work give us a try for the next four weeks, understand how much a month of goodness, perfect portions for your goal and unbeatable flavour can impact your world.

Alexander Pipe