How a Morning Ritual can change the game.

We’ve all heard about morning rituals, more like a habit that you commit yourself to each day.

Whether it’s through meditation, practicing gratitude or even a walk/light activity. There is plenty of scientfic evidence that suggests what happens in your first few hours of waking greatly impacts the rest of your day.

Some like to wake up at the last minute, leaving only enough time to do what’s necessary in order to leave the door (often frantically) with enough time to get to work. Others, like to wake up early, complete the tasks at hand at a leisurely pace and maybe find time to read or listen to a podcast.

Neither are right or wrong, but who’s day is more likely to continue in a positive manner?

Reading in the morning may seem comical considering the type of day that awaits you, but there are ways you can kick start your routine and vibrate positive energy for the rest of the day.

  1. Meditation - ‘Ommmmmm’ Even chanting is a POWERFUL practice and nothing breathes more energy than aligning your thoughts to that unstoppable mindset you have deep down. Our definition of meditation is Connecting to the truest you and awakening our highest potential.

  2. Sweat - Even 10 minutes of skipping is enough to burn up to 150 cals. Exercise is good for mental health, and what better day to start the day than with boosting dopamine and serotonin while releasing endorphins. Get on yerr bike.

  3. Stretch- When you make stretching a habit, you slowly stretch out the connective tissues of your body. Over time, this lengthens the tissues, improving the range of motion in your joints, and in turn your overall ability to move. 

  4. Practice - Gratitude is the best attitude. Giving your thanks makes you think about all the things that make you happy and in return continues that state of joy throughout your day. This is our favourite. Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others

  5. Prioritize - We have all been guilty of spending at least 10 minute scrolling through other peoples business. Only to snap out of it and find yourself exactly where you were moments later. (We have gone mad!) There is hope. Creating a list (even if it’s the night before) to write the upcoming tasks. Every one of them. Then choose the 3 of most importance. This give you structure and helps reduce the time wasted on unimportant things.

Of course these things take discipline, but it’s only about creating a habit and understanding you’re doing something positive for your inner and outer world, even if you mange to do one of these tasks you will make a huge impact on your day.