Daily Hacks To Make It Happen

We've put together our tips on productivity and the structure that's going to make your daily all that more productive.

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Like any day, you've got objectives and priorities, so how do you stay on top of your game during the chaos everyday? For me, it's a strong espresso and a grand self shake to say "c'mon lets get this done".

So today I wanted to share some ways that keep me productive on the Monday to Friday hustle.

Some days, get things done before breakfast. You know as much as me, there is a lot of hoo-ha about breakfast, when you understand food is fuel for your activities or best yet, to refuel after them.

Your body aside, our minds can work more efficiently before you've broken the fast. There are a lot of articles about what also follows this, well worth researching yourself.

But let's put it simply, back in the day before cereals and poached eggs on toast, even back before bread and butter, we as hunters had to go and find the food or gatherers had to forage for the goods before the first meal. Meaning work, action and high instincts.

It's our predatory mind that we can tap into once we wake up and take on tasks.

Here you may be able to work with faster reactions, a clear mind and certainly no sugar crashes after you've spiked insulin after your porridge.

Sleep is the fruit of life. So of course if you're only getting 5 or 6 hours sleep, it's inevitable you will feel like crap and that isn't going to help you get things done. So alongside that 7-8 hour sleep have a tall glass of lemon water and you may just power through the first 90 minutes of your work load.

Second to that lemon water gets me on the topic of food.Nothing comes sweeter than the reward of food after your hard work. Good nutrition has only benefit to the way you act and the quality of your work effort. Mentally and physically.

Brain boosting foods, ones high in omega 3 like Salmon, Walnuts and Chia seeds can be perfect to indulge into during your working day.

Chia seed pudding for breakfast followed by salmon and grilled kale and a juicy sweet potato for lunch with a handful or two of walnuts before hitting the gym. That's an o' mega day of food.

Next to that keeping away from high saturated fats, like those deep fried(including your sweet potatoes) will only slow you down.

There is no better way to feel good than kicking off the day with a workout. Personally getting a sweat on in the morning is my key to sanity. An espresso gives the kick I need to get started, or I'll pop a couple of Bulk Powders Thermogenic capsules, especially when the session is about burning the fat. When seeking the pump, nothing fuels better than a bowl of Weetabix! I believe they give more power than oats!


Structure is important when you've got goals, you've got to keep your ass in gear and make things happen, and following a plan is the most efficient way to get there. However doing the same old shit everyday is boring AF, and eventually your mood will dampen and you'll probably wonder why you cant be bothered to do anything new and why life feels stale.

So make a habit, once a day or once a week to do something totally new, a hobby, visit a distant place or even a new place to workout.

You'll be surprised at how good it can feel to do something out of routine, especially when you're used to living with discipline and structure.

Last but not least, and it's true this can seem like the most time consuming, is meditation. Now this gem of an activity only actually needs 10 minutes minimum.

It's just about finding mindfulness.. Slowing down, breathing, and changing how you perceive and react to the things happening in your life.

There are many many deeper layers to this that I implore you to dive into, it's life changing and really helps you appreciate all that is, and find power in yourself to change or create what isn't.

So there it is

Nutrition, Fitness & Mindset

The three pillars to success and happiness in your life.

Ben Yin Yang