Personal Trainer, Nutritional Advisor and Self taught chef.

With what started as the perfect post workout meal, handmade and given to his clients after they had finished a personal training session. Now creating one of London’s most up and coming Healthy Meal delivery companies, Xander lives and breathes wellness.

My passion began through my own transformation, when all you want is body confidence for a long time you’d do anything to find the magic formula. Sadly I found out after many years there wasn’t one and it was only by default of being obsessed that I realized its just about consistency and paying attention to what you should be eating instead of all the restrictions around what you shouldn’t.

Through experimentation and commitment to gaining body confidence Xander learnt to cook healthy nutritious foods that give you the same kind of experience as a naughty meal. That’s whats passed on to our chefs, all to bring you the experience that being good to you body can taste great too.

Xander and Valentina, Our Founding Partners.

Xander and Valentina, Our Founding Partners.

Healthy food, created & served by health conscious people.

My partner and I decided to create something that may not be the first, but a service that's refined many after a long time of believing things need to change.

Taste, Variety and Flavour have all been the missing ingredients when prioritizing health and we are here to be the change.


If you want a service, that makes life easier, taste better and often more affordable, exploring The Key to Food could be the best thing you've done on the mission to perfect health.


We deliver food when you need it, to rid your stresses and reward you with only the enjoyment of eating. Good nutritious food that's made with a variety of nutrients, including an abundance of vegetables to bring great happiness and accomplishment.

“I began cooking for my clients many years ago, sharing  my taste and passion for healthy food, underlining how you can enjoy all meals and still get great results. Coming from a personal training background, I learn't with building the dream body that it's all a numbers game with calories, now we pride ourselves on building a team that cares & provides you with the full breakdown for your goals.”

Xander Pipe- Co -Founder

“I think it’s important that we are all learning how food can have great impact on our lives, not only in the gym, the food we eat affects our hormones, our skin and definitely gut health. As a dermatology and cosmetic nurse I’ve seen first hand how this can all be improved and that’s exactly what we focus on at The Key To Food.”

Valentina Capparelli - Co Founder

Delivering what you need to move forward is what truly makes this The Key to Food.